The Trainee
Monday — March 23rd, 2015

The Trainee

Show of hands, who here hasn’t felt this frustration before?
This was a fun page to draw, doing a speechless interaction between the kids was fun. I have to say I was also inspired by Calvin and Hobbes for the “panel-less” layout.


New Menu!

For whoever reads my incredibly sporadic blog posts – I just updated the menu up at the top of the page! There are new links to new pages that will eventually be full of brand spankin’ new and exciting content!

CD Album Artwork

Here’s something I meant to post a while back, but as I mentioned before, I suck at blogging… Trying to fix that though.

This is some CD album artwork that I did for a local Hip-Hop record Company “Black Vinyl Tracks” last year. Check em out, they’re pretty damn good!

I suck at blogging!

Wow, I haven’t posted anything in the blog in around 6 months… I’m pretty shocked…

I have to make it a point to start adding SOMETHING in here at least once a week. I’m pretty fascinating, or so says my team of psychiatrists… I should share my thoughts with you fine folks more often.

New Store & Galleries!

Hey Everybody

You may or may not have noticed this – but I just completed the new Brainslug Store!

It’s all fancy and shit – complete with a “shopping cart” option and everything!

I’ve added the rest of the prints that didn’t sell when I went to “SPX” a few weeks ago.

Until i find something else to nit-pick about it, that is…

*Edit* – The new Galleries sections are now complete as well – only the “contact” page left!


Brainslug – Version 5.543

I hope you’re all enjoying the new website layout! I was only going to be updating a small section of it as of last week – and was going to put off the rest of the website update till later…

That worked out well didn’t it! It snowballed and then I didn’t leave the computer till it was all done – So there’s a lot of new shininess for you to check out and you can probably still sniff the “fresh paint” fumes!

A few changes that i’d like to point out – the gallery links aren’t so “in your face” as they were before – the link is now in the top bar! Along with the new “Forum” link – If you like forum and messageboards, join our little (so far) community and discuss!

I’ve also got newer and better facebook and twitter links – and the ability to “like” the official Brainslug Facebook page without even leaving here! I’m pretty sure this makes facebook 93% cooler now.

They have a chart, it shot up 93% – I wouldn’t lie.

I have the “links” section back up too! If you have a cool art or webcomic site of your own – maybe  we could do a link trade. Drop me a message!

And aside from that, everything is just cleaner and more organized – I hope you all like it!