Brainslug – Version 5.543

I hope you’re all enjoying the new website layout! I was only going to be updating a small section of it as of last week – and was going to put off the rest of the website update till later…

That worked out well didn’t it! It snowballed and then I didn’t leave the computer till it was all done – So there’s a lot of new shininess for you to check out and you can probably still sniff the “fresh paint” fumes!

A few changes that i’d like to point out – the gallery links aren’t so “in your face” as they were before – the link is now in the top bar! Along with the new “Forum” link – If you like forum and messageboards, join our little (so far) community and discuss!

I’ve also got newer and better facebook and twitter links – and the ability to “like” the official Brainslug Facebook page without even leaving here! I’m pretty sure this makes facebook 93% cooler now.

They have a chart, it shot up 93% – I wouldn’t lie.

I have the “links” section back up too! If you have a cool art or webcomic site of your own – maybe  we could do a link trade. Drop me a message!

And aside from that, everything is just cleaner and more organized – I hope you all like it!


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  1. nate

    great job!!!!!!!

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