Super Mario Bros
May 22nd, 2012

Super Mario Bros

Doesn’t this seem a lot more plausible than what happens in the actual games? I mean, the very first thing you do is eat that mushroom…

Hope you guys like it!



  1. eric carter

    Actually the very first thing is you start seeing a deformed slug/mushroom person hybrid called the goomba. So yeah I’d think that would make most people start banging their heads against bricks/eating weird things just to stop seeing things and THEN you you start seeing the weird turtle things and other weirder things.

    but yes awesome job as usual andre :)

  2. andre

    I figured someone would call me out on that! haha

    Glad it didn’t ruin the comic too much for ya and you still liked it though!

  3. D_Dark

    Mouhahaha “be careful princess the floor is lava!” you made my day andre! Ok I got a question, the red mushroom do hallucination but what does the green one?

  4. admin

    @D_Dark: That’s a damn good question — What would be the drug effect equivalent to gaining a life…

  5. dan

    No way, the most overused Mario joke on the internet? How clever of you!

  6. admin

    @Dan – People have been farting for 10 000 years — And it’s STILL funny!

  7. Grant

    Mama Mia! Andre! That was funny, its the facial expressions that did it for me!

    Oh look. It’s a turtle!

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  9. admin

    Hahahaha – That was fantastic!

    Never seen that one before! Thanks!

  10. Grant

    Glad you liked it! Its a shame I couldn’t find a better quality version of that Robot Chicken episode for you to enjoy.

    Whats next? Sonic the hedgehog?

  11. andre

    I am considering a couple more video game related comics, just because i need more material for prints – me and a friend booked a table at this small local convention and I wanted non-Brainslug related material that people who have no idea who I am might enjoy.

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  13. Grant

    I dread to think what he collects when he goes down into the pipe bonus levels.

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