The Origin of Dante 21
May 21st, 2013

The Origin of Dante 21

I *may* have a low opinion of popular news …
Do you all remember these guys from page 5? I had to go back to remember how to draw those other guys, cause I honestly didn’t remember!

All the chess pieces are now in place though, let’s see how this goes down!


  1. Crestlinger

    …Later on Fox News…

  2. eric carter

    do these guys write for those super market tabloids?

  3. andre


  4. Matt [in Middletown]

    Dante destroys them all in a fluid rush of fiery doom!
    (Minus thumping his foot on the ground while the mushroom cloud of flame rises, I imagine.)

  5. Jim

    “I could just let you touch me inappropriately right now!”

    Great line. Thanks again for the Guest strip. She’s up on the site as we speak.

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