The Eternal Struggle
March 8th, 2010

The Eternal Struggle

Another week, another shot!

Just an FYI, I’ve finally gotten some things in order and will have more time to dedicate to the comic – along with some time saving ways of working that i’ve started using – anyway, to make a long story short, next week will see a return of the main storyline and they will start being more regular than they have been for the last dozen or so updates!

Problem is that I’m coming up with a TON of ideas for shots, I’ve already got about 5 more written – If only i could find time to do more than one update a week – I could very easily be writing at least 2…

I’d be awesome if I could do 1 story page and one shot… hmmm…

Wishful thinking I suppose.

Anyway, Enjoy!



  1. eric carter

    I always enjoy seeing what you come up with, Very nicely drawn and thought up. I guess dante should have measured first. Hah

  2. andre

    Thanks Eric! Always good to hear from ya – glad you been liking the shots!

    The cover hadn’t been touched for a week but I’ve gotten back on it now and it will be ready to be shown very very soon!

    Just a few hours left on it.

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