#51 – Dreamscape

I’ve always had fun designing the Lance’s/Spirit Pie’s dream world! It’s fun to do something completely different. The only downside is, it takes FOREVER to do BECAUSE it’s so different…

#49 – The Rekindling

This was a significant page for me to do. I wanted to recapture the “feeling” of when Dante and Inferno first met in “Origin of Dante” with the realization of what she was, but with somewhat of a flipped script. If you compare the two pages, you’ll see how I adapted some of the expressions and body language to fit this similar, yet completely new situation.

It was a fun page to make! Inferno has some pretty interesting upgrades!


#47 – Venting

Tried something different and more elaborate for color this time. As a result, this felt like it took forever to color. I like it, but I have to find a middle ground between quality and efficiency if I want to get this book done sooner than later.

#44 – With Great Power …

Trying something new with the layout of the comic. Times have changed since I started making this and how people read things online has as well. So welcome to the new layout that takes your phones and other devices into consideration as well as give you a much better look at the quality I put into my work.

The print versions of the books will remain the same, I will simply be dividing up the panels in an adaptable way to make it ‘cuttable’ to this layout as well!

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

(File sizes will be bigger, but surprisingly not by that much!)

#43 – Exposition

This page is aptly called “exposition” because it’s what I unfortunately had to do with all this text on it. It’s a necessary evil though to set up all these dominoes to knock down afterwards.

Next page is already on the drawing table so the delays between pages it going to start shrinking considerably.


#42 – Honesty

Happy New Year!

My resolution is that this year, Brainslug is coming back in force! All my side projects are done and I only have new pages of the series to work on! And that’s how I want to keep it!

Though I may want to re-style how I color these, this style has become so elaborate that color is taking much longer than I want it to take.


#41 – A Direct Approach

Nothin’ like being straightforward.

My favorite joke of this page is that it’s actually true that the concept of a “paper route” would seem really alien to the new generations. Considering how common it was for kids to have some back in the day.