#57 – The P.H.C

Back home, where it all started.

But the question is: What’s that guy want to do there with Spirit Pie?

#55 – Homeward Bound

I wonder how all those Alien Tongues are doing back in Port Harbourcape. I guess we’re about to find out!

#52 – Final Destination

Heading back to where it all began! I wonder how the Alien Tongues have been taking care of the place?

#51 – Dreamscape

I’ve always had fun designing the Lance’s/Spirit Pie’s dream world! It’s fun to do something completely different. The only downside is, it takes FOREVER to do BECAUSE it’s so different…

#49 – The Rekindling

This was a significant page for me to do. I wanted to recapture the “feeling” of when Dante and Inferno first met in “Origin of Dante” with the realization of what she was, but with somewhat of a flipped script. If you compare the two pages, you’ll see how I adapted some of the expressions and body language to fit this similar, yet completely new situation.

It was a fun page to make! Inferno has some pretty interesting upgrades!