Brainslug: Road Trip – Print Campaign!

Hi Guys!


I want to feature the fact that the second Brainslug book, ROAD TRIP, is heading to print soon (hopefully) with the help of kickstarter! If you want more Brainslug in your life, head on over to check out the campaign and pre-order your own copy!

For those unfamiliar with kickstarter, you pledge for the reward that you want but your card won’t get charged until the compaign completes AND it’s successful. So if the goal isn’t met, you don’t lose anything, but you also won’t be getting a book, which is sad.

You don’t want to be sad do you? Pre-Order today!





Someone thinks awfully highly of himself.

I like how the cracks in his psyche are already showing, I’m really hoping that comes across.


What are you?

This is a little complicated. I’m revisiting the story so far and have decided to replace all the pages that involved Spirit Pie so far. It’s to fix some story issues I was having and give me a clear direction ahead for the rest of the story.

I’m thinking the best way to tackle this, to remove confusion while reading this online, would be to remove all past comics up to the point where I’m starting the replacement pages, then just repost the unchanged pages in order as I shuffle in the new pages.

What would you guys think of that?


Out of the flames…

If you guys have been following, the attempt at getting my second book funded for printing with kickstarter was cut short. I think it wasn’t the right time and I think I could do it better and be successfully in the sprint.

Until then, you guys will just have to make due with new comics! I hope you’re okay with that!


This one sat on my computer, inching along towards completion at the slowest possible pace.

It was painful. I’m glad it’s done.

I’m juggling too much small things and not accomplishing anything at a good pace so I decided that I’m going to focus on the kickstarter campaign for “Road Trip” until it’s done before I try to do the next story segment of this book. I’ll be able to put more time into new pages once side, bit work is cleared away.



Is it just me or is this perceived rejection seem to be getting to Dante?

But the better question is, what happened to Inferno over these past years?

Plausible Story

I’m going to be honest, I’m looking forward to this flashback to be done (one more page).

It’s not that the story isn’t funny, but I’m getting bored of the drawing this conversation. And there’s cool stuff coming so I can’t wait to get to that.

Breath of the Wild – The missing, before last, lost memory.

I'm going to be perfectly honest here, most of the time, my delays in getting new comics ready is because I'm too busy with my day job, with other work that I can't share with you guys yet, or because my family just requires so much of my time for some reason.

But occasionally, a video game comes along in one of the very few series that I follow religiously and thus game chews up and spits out my free time and I love every minute of it. The Legend of Zelda is one of those series and this latest one is probably my favorite game I've ever played.

Anyway, I wanted to capture my enthusiasm for the game in art form and this is how it turned out. Hope you guys like it!


Brainslug is back!

New website! New Content! All is right with the world again. Let’s continue this story without any more interruptions shall we?

The preview pages for “Road Trip” are gone from the site now, to see them again, keep an eye out for the Kickstarter campaign for the book coming soon!