#12 Sarcasm

I think Lance has a point, not enough appreciation is usually paid to the height of boat jumps.

Production Diary:

This page felt really GOOD to make. The comic’s production cycle has been having a bit of an identity crisis this past year. As you all might have noticed with the shifting paint styles. Though it has been something that’s always happened over time since I’ve been making these books, if feels like lately, it’s been more frequent.

That’s because the way that I had been doing the color, although I really liked the final product, has been feeling very ‘mechanical’ and I’d been enjoying the process less and less. Which is probably a reason why the updates had been slower recently.

But this return to where the comic all started, back to ‘Port Harbourcape’ has made me look back to the comic’s roots as well. And although the art was cruder, looking back at the digital ‘watercolour’ style I used to use for the backgrounds has given me a new appreciation for them and I wanted to revisit the style.

And boy, did I enjoy it. The first panel I did was the solo Alex and solo Dante ones and I fell in love with them. There’s just a warmth to the style that makes if feel so good to look at. And painting in that style felt more like I was ‘painting’ than doing the color for these has in a long time. Almost therapeutic.

I hope you guys enjoy it too!

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March 31, 2017

It's fresh, clean, fully functional and best of all very easy for me to work with! Which is much more than could be said for the other version of the website!

The only sacrifice that needed to be done was the written posts that were with the old comics as well as the comments, hope you guys don't mind too much!