#27 The Mastermind

Dramatic villain time!

Production Diary: I wanted this guy’s panels to look more intense than the others to set the mood and to portray his mindset, which is why I opted to use a lot of stark blacks and for contrast. Watch for how the treatment evolves over the next few pages. I’m trying to make it fit into the narrative.

#25 Reporting in

I hope everyone is happy to see our favorite psychic pastry again! It’s been too long!

Production diary: I like the final result of this page, but It also made me remember why I avoid drawing complex backgrounds in each panel. It gets crazy time consuming. It’s what this page needed to capture the feeling of ‘travelling’ I wanted for this page though.

#24 Graceful Dismount

What could be more exciting that a slow moving ride on a stone? That’s what Lance wants to know!

Production Diary: This is a fun time for my “Brainslug” work. I’ve his a bit of a stride and progress is going much faster than is has in recent years. The next 5-6 pages are already written and are at various points in production. I’ve got another small project that I’m working on with my 6 year old daughter that’s going to be cute and fun too. (Something for young kids, I’ll show more as it comes together)

Very excited to produce for you guys and gals!

#23 Port Harbourcape Oasis

Things sure have changed in the sleepy seaside town.

Production Diary: There’s lots of backgrounds over the next few pages, to really establish the “New” Port Harbourcape. Turns out designing a new esthetic for the last chapter of this story wasn’t as quick a turnaround as I may have naively expected.

#22 Hitchin’ a Ride

Gives a whole new meaning to ‘Mass’ Transit.

Production Diary: COVID finally caught up to me this past month, it wasn’t fun.

#21 Theories

How the tables have turned…

Production Diary: I missed the Alien Tongues. They were fun to draw.

#19 The Empire of the Tongues

The time for subterfuge appears to be done. Dante is going to make sure of that.

Production Diary: I enjoyed having the title of the chapter become a text bubble. It’s the little things that amuse me, you know?

#18 Alien World

Things around Port Harbourcape have changed, somewhat.

Production Diary: This might be self indulgent, but I kinda wanted to draw a different theme for the rest of this story, which led me to write this plot twist into the story, a few months back. It led to some pretty fun ideas that you’ll see develop.