#07 Sounds About Right

For those who were waiting patiently for this next page. I’d like to deeply apologize for the delay!

There was some water damage from a rain storm early in May in my home which had kind of upended my living and working space. The construction zone is still ongoing but there are signs that it’ll only be a few more weeks now and everything will be back to normal.

I’ll still work when I can and hope the wait for the next page isn’t as long.

  1. “I’d like to deeply apologize for the delay!”
    And here I am, apologising that I got tied up with things and am late seeing it until now. sorry about that. But it was still worth the wait.

    I’m reading what Dante expects them to say, and it’s the opposite. I love it…so much.

    But in a more serious note, I really hope all goes well with the construction. I am someone who doesn’t do well with an alteration to my normal routine and flow…so that’d be a tad bothersome to me.

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