1. …I previously had said Dante’s a master of improvising, and I stand by it. That is a brilliant solution. Boat got upgraded to a motorboat by applying one happy Inferno.

    My favourite panel is actually where Dante is getting fed up with it. The background and camera position, along with expression. I can practically see it slowly gaining a red filter over everything with his eye twitching, before he snaps out of it looking at Inferno and getting an idea.

    (Hey, signing in with Twitter worked finally.)

    • I didn’t realise there was an issue with twitter log-on for comments. Though that’s probably on me, I never did fully finish everything I intended for this website. As you’ve probably noticed.

      • Who knows? The important thing is…it is working now.~
        And I did semi-notice but so long as the site is functional and I can enjoy your work, it isn’t important.
        I’d only be upset if the site suddenly stopped letting me view your creativity. XD

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