#11 Things Happened

I said the boat ride wouldn’t last too long. But in Dante’s defense, what was he supposed to do? NOT try to make a jump?

From the production side. This took me entirely too long to get finished. The pencils were done fairly early but the color had a couple of mis-starts which kinda left me discouraged on it and made me unmotivated to keep working on it for a while. Getting to the next right away though and hopefully won’t hit similar pitfalls.

  1. On the one hand: how can anyone pass up a sweet ramp jump? You can’t.
    But on the other hand: If bloody Lance is giving you the “dang dog, you really stupid” then things have gone too far.

  2. “a couple of mis-starts which kinda left me discouraged on it and made me unmotivated”

    This. This right here is one reason why I respect creative artists like yourself.
    Doing stuff like this for everyone to enjoy and pushing through the hardships and such.

    While I could make a comment related to the comic itself, I feel more inclined to address you as the artist instead and show appreciation for you perservering. After all, endplanets has the comic well-covered.

    As for myself, I haven’t been able to check back here until now because of feeling less than stellar and some appointments.
    Better late than never?~

    • Definitely better late than never! That’s kind of the theme of my update schedule for the comic, to be honest. Thanks for checking in!

      I love the comic and would never stop doing it until i reach the conclusion of the story, but I do go through creative ups and downs regarding creative approach and style for it. It’s always evolving with how I’m feeling about how I work. Hopefully for the better.

      The next page, going up very soon, deviates yet again. But I’ll talk about my headspace for it in the dev. diary tied to that post.

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