#15 Through The Woods?

Production Diary:

It’s another sort of “Intermission” page. The next page will dive into what’s going on, but I wanted a big “establishing” panel first. And since I didn’t have that space in the next page, I decided to give it it’s own page.

It’s also a call back to the title of a page early in the first book: “Alien Tongues” but, as Dante is noticing… something is off.

This was a tough one to paint. I decided to try the “less is more” approach to the illustration and it let to a bit of frustration when I was coloring it. I think I still have to figure out the best approach of how to draw and paint the pages with this new ‘simpler’ color scheme, while still having the impact and clarity of the overly detailed pages that I did in the past that became such a time-sink to get done.


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